Wholesale Dairy Solutions for Large-Scale Operations: Why Choose Johal Dairies?

At Johal Dairies, our commitment to high-quality dairy products is the driving force behind our dairy delivery service. We have over 50 years of experience within the dairy industry and we are devoted to the art and craft of delivering the freshest range of quality dairy products using our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles across the Midlands and beyond. Whether you are a wholesaler, cash & carry, supermarket, independent bakery, cafe, or local education authority, you can order what you want and when you want, without concern for any unnecessary costs. Let’s look closer at how we successfully deliver exceptional dairy products.

Freshness on a Grand Scale

When it comes to educational and healthcare facilities, where many people rely on the vital health benefits of dairy products, Johal Dairies delivers not just products, but a promise to our customers. We ensure the timely delivery of a whole range of milk and dairy products, from a range of high-quality cheeses to nourishing yoghurts, eggs and bread. Each delivery reflects our unwavering dedication to quality, distributing products that contribute to the well-being of countless individuals.

Tailored Delivery for Tailored Needs

We recognise that each institution has an intricate operation of its own. This ensures a bespoke approach to delivery is needed for all of our customers. Our dairy delivery service adapts to the needs of schools, office spaces, hospitals and retail needs, delivering the freshest milk, cream, yoghurt and a multitude of quality dairy products in line with specific operational flows and storage capabilities.

A Comprehensive Catalogue of Delicious Dairy

Our catalogue spans the full spectrum of dairy products out there. From the rich, smooth milk, to tangy yoghurt, we cater to every need. Our cheese selection complements the diverse demands of institutional catering.

The Johal Dairies Difference: Service Tailored to Your Institution

Our service is personal, our approach is flexible, and our delivery is precise. At Johal Dairies, we exceed the traditional supplier-customer relationship. We become an integral part of your daily operation, assuring that from the smallest request to the largest order, your needs are met with diligence and expertise.

We ensure each delivery is a perfect orchestration of timing and quality.

A Partnership That Grows With You

If you’re starting a new business, seeking a distribution partner for fresh dairy products in your supply chain, or considering a switch from your current milk supplier, reach out to us today. In addition to serving the trade and wholesale sectors, we also provide products to several Local Education Authorities (LEAs) and Hospital Trusts. Our direct supply extends to hospitals and schools across the Midlands and beyond. As your institution evolves, so do our services. We believe in growth and adaptation, in forging partnerships that anticipate and respond to the changing tides of demand and preference.